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Why I am a ‘Night’ezen

June 22, 2012

Lets start from start, I have been told by reliable sources (My Parents) that I blessed this world by my presence on a beautiful Friday Morning at 7 am sometime in 1980s [not telling exact year just for security purposes]. Now I believed them for the early part of my life till my daily schedule was governed by the rules of the house; so I used to hear these words often that Morning times are good, waking up early is good for health, brain works faster in the mornings and thus was forced to Early to bed and Early to Rise regime. But as small doses of freedom started infusing my life and I was allowed to choose my bed time voluntarily, I realized I am in love with nights and equally not very fond of mornings.
My brain used to get some automated adrenaline shots at ungodly hours by common beliefs, say 12 am. My cramming abilities of academic subjects or solving complex Newtonian mathematical problems was nothing more than childs play. Although just to clarify I made better use of time by watching movies or listening to music ( because I had this enlightenment pretty early in my life that ‘Life is too good to be wasted in books’).
Anyways as I discovered more and more that I am a denizen of the after hours, I started suspecting my sources whether they told I was born at dawn, just to hinder my realization of prospective potential as a Vampire/Werewolf/Serial Killer or other such attractive personas. Letting bygones be bygones, I started working towards honing this skill of insomnia. Pursuing MBA helped a lot, because the curriculum there helps a lot to make zombies out of people, late night assignments, database of movies, gaming etc.
I dont believe people have realized the Beauty of night-time as they waste it normally by sleeping.They haven’t enjoyed the silence of the night, when you can hear crickets chirp or the sound of a lonely vehicle passing by.Taking out your bike and wandering the empty roads which during daytime require you to be a daredevil, at night-time provides you an endless horizon to explore and cold unpolluted breeze in your face. Or if you are not an outdoor person, just try listening to music during night and you will be able to appreciate much more as there are no outside noise to interfere the symphony.
If you are a net buff, you will always notice that during night times the download speeds are much higher, allowing you to surf your heart out on the web, without pulling your hair out waiting for pages to load.Now as I am working, night-time is me time, Unlike day time when I have to work for the MAN,sitting on my desk for 9 hours straight working on something which I really don’t care about. I blog at night because my brain is oozing with ideas and words, later used to bore the hell out of you people. Night time is when my voice is not lost among thousand others who are shouting at higher levels; I can still hear my words.
When they used to tell me at school the proverb – ‘Early Bird gets the Worm’. Today I will say to them – The poor worm also got up in the morning and got hunted. So its all about perspective, night time is the best time as it keeps you optimistic, as you know there is always light after darkness.


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  1. Delhizen permalink
    October 24, 2013 10:22 am

    time you write a blog post again? maybe tonight 😉

  2. Bree permalink
    June 27, 2012 8:40 am

    While there is life in day there is also life in the night, I love your thinking. When I long for the peace of the night in the middle of day I always think of the line I saw on a tee shirt. “Silence is golden, duct tape is silver.” At 2 am I like to follow the rainbows, the ones that lead to that singing frog, the grazing deer, and the passing fox that is trying so hard to be stealthy. When the Northern Lights play on the night canvas and the dew that begins to drip at the breaking of dawn as the first rays of light glimpsing off of the horizon. I too, long for the sounds of night that elude the sleeping masses and enlighten the walking night wisps. When it is sub zero out side and walking on the street and listening to the foot steps crack the frozen dew, looking for the first new tracks in the newly fallen snow. Although if you are going to work your brain for nine hours on something you really don’t care about, does that include all the time for your smoke breaks? Your thought process is deep and rich, and well thought out, cannot wait for the next one…..

  3. Candlez permalink
    June 26, 2012 10:46 pm

    Sentiments exactly! 😀
    Liked these lines esp. “Night time is when my voice is not lost among thousand others who are shouting at higher levels; I can still hear my words.”……keep the posts coming….would like to be “bored” further 😉

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