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Oye Lucky,Lucky Oye !!

May 1, 2010

How many times we would have consoled a poor soul because of some incidence in his life saying ‘Bad Luck Boss…Hota hai…’ We would have read numerous motivational books saying that 60% hard work, 35% Perseverance and 5%luck are the condiments in the recipe of success. People are adding extra alphabets in their names to bring that extra ounce of luck, like if changing ‘Ritesh Deshmukh’ to ‘Riteiesh Deshmukh’ would suddenly transform him into Al Pachino, or if all Balaji soaps if started with any other letter than ‘K’ will make them suck any less.

We have this very secure tendency to blame our fate or destiny or luck, for anything that goes wrong in our life. We would go to an astrologer to find out the length of the ‘Luck Line’ in our palms and he would suggest to get up in the morning, stand in you balcony and pour a glass of water facing the Surya (Sun) Devta, As if the ad hoc responsibility of the sun is to distribute luck to people pouring water towards it. And the ever existing ‘Best of Luck’ while we enter any kind of exam or test, as if Luck would help to answer questions to a subject for which we haven’t even picked up the book, Awesome right !!

But some things do happen in life, which makes you wonder how come these thing didn’t happened (or happened) to me, instead blessed ( or bypassed) the other person with its occurrence (Am I sounding convoluted?? ) Ok, let’s try it with some examples:

  • How come you always hear your friend or acquaintance telling you that this totally hot, scorching Chick sat next to him in the bus, train or flight? On top of that, they started talking and now they frequently exchange pleasantries through social media. How the hell the hot chick always lands next to my friends and not me, I have been using the means of transport for ages, but this never happened to me. What should we call this?
  • How come you spent a big chunk of your salary on buying some stuff, anything, Clothes, Phone,  Car (in my case L)  and as you are adoring the newly bought thing, you get to know that their prices are slashed by half/ 50% sales is on in the stores/ A new ravishing model has come in the market; And now you are sitting with this obsolete model which cost you a fortune and you aren’t even the eye candy, as the new model is the cynosure and you have the rejected, old trash with you. What would you call this?
  • And this one would have happened to most of us, standing in line for the ticket (of a movie,show,train,bus) and the ticket window closed as soon as the guy in front of us left, showing off the last ticket. When we are throwing expletives at the guy in front of us and wishing why did the dinosaurs got extinct before gulping that guy down? We are also thinking, Why me?
  • When after thinking and waiting for long, you gather all the courage and propose to the ‘best option’ girl, who somehow has the ability to endure being around you. And suddenly all the hot girls around have this interest sprouting inside them for you and you surprisingly become visible to them, but now you are ‘Committed’ and  can be just a ‘Friend’ to the beauties. How will you answer that?
  • We all have heard this proverb – ‘The grass is always greener on the other side’. Now some would call this concept as perception, I would call it reality check. I have a 21 inch TV, when the neighbor has a 42 inch LED; I have a Wagon R, when the rich kid is driving the BMW. How would you explain that you work hard day in day out and earn some thousands, when Akshay Kumar takes 5 crores for a movie called ‘Chandni Chowk to China’ which is arguably the worst movie possible. Any words to soothe me on this?

There can be 100 more instances of things like this happening to all of us, and we are not able to pinpoint the reason behind these happenings. Then comes up the mystical and covert idea of ‘Luck’, ‘fate’, ‘destiny’ and we assign them the responsibility of all the wrongdoings of our life. Life is much better if you have someone else to blame for all the ‘BAD’ in your life, isn’t it? So guys, with god’s blessings, I hope we have all the LUCK in our lives,Amen. And if not, we all have this ready made scapegoat with us  – “ Yaar !! Mera to Bad Luck hi bahut Kharab Hai !! ) 😉

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  1. June 7, 2010 7:37 pm

    Hahaha…Thanks Pallavi…Atleast sumbdy provided me sum words of soothing 🙂

    • delhizen permalink
      June 8, 2010 10:26 am

      that’s it frezze that smile Rahul.. Somethings even luck and money can’t buy and thats a smile 🙂

  2. delhizen permalink
    June 7, 2010 6:34 pm

    I looved this post!

    I love traveling to Ambala by Shatabdi but always have some old aunt for company…grrr! but a window seat and ipod on full vol makes up for it 🙂

    I hardly shop-because all family abroad send clothes that give me a new wardrobe each season 🙂 and must add the latest gizmos too!

    how come I always manage to get a ticket even if its houseful.. a please with smile always does wonders with the cinema hall manager 🙂 🙂

    What to say on the last point-okay lets give you a feel good factor. you got a wagon-r atleast- while I travel in public transport. I know its environment friendly but who can afford those EMIs.

    you get a weekend off and I slog 6 and at times 7 days a week…

    life is fair and balances out here or there.. you got more of this and less of that..ces’t la vie 🙂

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