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Why Mr. Tharoor was a Misfit?

April 20, 2010

Mr. Shashi Tharoor came from a very Elite background and chose to join the Elitist of the professions in India – Politics. But he was not able to complete his term in the Cabinet and had to resign. Lets try to gaze why Mr. Tharoor couldn’t blend in the Circus called Indian Politics.

He is Over Educated : When majority of politicos in parliament are illiterate or barely literate or have fake degrees from Fake universities, Mr. Tharoor was certainly Overqualified. Have a look:

Source: Wikipedia

He won a scholarship to study at the The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University where he acquired three degrees in as many years:

  • A Master of Arts in International Affairs
  • A Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy
  • A Ph.D.

At the age of 22, Tharoor was the youngest person in the history of the Fletcher School to be awarded a doctorate. His doctoral thesis, “Reasons of State”, is still required reading in courses on Indian foreign-policy making.

The other well-known qualified person is the PM itself who is playing proxy to Madame Sonia Gandhi and is beam balancing the government, with allies.

He is an Intellectual: He was too much into High Funda stuff like he held the post of Under Secretary General and came a close second in the elections for UN Secretary General post to Ban Ki  Moon. He has authored 11 books and is the winner of Commonwealth Writers’ Prize. Also on January 1998, Mr. Tharoor was named a “Global Leader of Tomorrow” by the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. But who the hell is World Economic Forum to recognize a leader who can survive in Indian Politics.

Additionally he had no criminal records, no pending cases against him, he had never been to jail, he was not active in College politics and basically he didn’t comply with any of the prerequisites of being a politician.

He Was Neither Born in India, Nor Born in Italy: Shashi Tharoor was born in London, so he automatically disqualifies for entry in Indian Politics, although he could have been considered if he was born in Italy (by blessings of Ms. Gandhi), but again his parents couldn’t foretell their son’s future in Politics in 1956 and hence take a decision to deliver the baby in Italy instead of London, grave misjudgment.

Breaking the Rules

He was on Twitter: A politician in India has to be qualified and capable of making random occurrences on TV and arrange press conferences, mudslinging either the opposition parties or your own parties, depending on their risk profile. And you should be able to counter the point of others irrespective of whether it’s logical or completely global. But Mr Tharoor chose Twitter, an Alien concept for the politicians of India , where he not only gained 1 lakh followers (more than SRK , this is pretty big achievement in India), but also opened his mind to the whole world. Although he also inspired media to look at twitter as a news source and hence was dragged into controversies, first for making fun of the ‘Austerity Campaign’ of Congress (Austerity and  Politics make a Paradox btw) which ran for a whole 15 days I guess and then politicians were back to private jets, helicopters, five star hotels etc. Also he was charged for staying in Five Star Hotel because he wasn’t allocated a house in Delhi, how corrupt of him  (when he was paying his own bill, I think that was the mistake).

Also he committed the eternal crime of pointing out at the relevance of holidays on Jayantis by saying  that people should be working rather than staying at home, rather than taking a holiday, thereby paying real homage to Mahatma Gandhi. Even Bapu wouldn’t have forgiven him for the sacrilege. So basically he had done a maverick sin by being on Twitter, breaking the traditions of Politics.

He is a Man: Mr Tharoor belongs to the ‘Male’ Gender, hence he cannot prequalify for the 33% reservation that will be granted (hopefully) to women in Parliament and he would not want to make Sunanda his proxy again to represent him in parliament (which although most of the honchos in politics are going to do, if the bill takes form. Including some astute opponents of the bill like Laloo Prasad, Mulayam singh and other echelons of Indian Politics).

He Openly Accepted his Affair: C’mon Mr. Tharoor, this was seriously a Rookie mistake, you never admit your affairs in public. You have clandestine rendezvous with the fairer sex, or better if you keep the encounters as casual ones and enjoy the services of escorts (take a clue from the Babas (god men) or the Political babas like Mr. N.D.Tiwari). This keeps the media interested in you as they always see the opportunity of a sting operation and you avoid investing time in a loyal affair, hence you bypass affecting your political ambitions. No offence to Ms. Sunanda Pushkar.

He Didn’t Know that Boss is Always right: Mr. Tharoor, why didn’t you say ‘Yes Minister’ to Mr. Pranab Mukherjeee, when he summoned you. He is the Dada of the ruling coalition and left hand man of Ms. Sonia Gandhi. If you had learnt how things work in 10 Janpath, you wouldn’t have raised your voice anywhere in 10 kms radius of the place. You might have thought that our dear Manmohan Singh Sir would save you again, but he himself is busy doing ‘Yes Mam’ to Sonia Gandhi. Alas, only if you had learnt the trade.

And Finally.

IPL Bonanza

He didn’t Share his Loot: Mr. Tharoor, I am sure you had your reasons; you wanted an IPL team for your state (Which was not acceptable to the IPL king Mr Lalit Modi). But all this could have been avoided if you could have taken some lessons from the other experienced Looters like A Raja, Laloo Yadav, Sharad Pawar (Don’t want to write close to 500 names here, but you could have chosen anyone from the Lok Sabha) . They would have told you to always share the loot. Instead of 70 crores, you could have taken ‘Sweat Equity’ of around 300 crores and distributed it evenly among your party funds, opposition party funds, Lalit Modi, Sharad Pawar and others. And all this wouldn’t be a problem. You would have been happy with your confidante Sunanda and would be singing ‘All Izz Well’.

So Mr. Tharoor although you had everything that would make you the right person to represent people in Parliament, you lacked the basic manners and etiquettes required in politics, hence you had to resign. Hope you will learn from all this or look for an alternate profession.


Disclaimer: This is a Satire on the Indian Political System and its deficiencies. It should be taken with a pinch of salt, and should not be construed as offence or defamation to anyone. This article was just a outlet to vent my frustration against the System.

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  1. delhizen permalink
    June 1, 2010 5:38 pm

    A politically incorrect Politician.. what else will happen?

    btw what did he do for his constituency or the country as a politician?

    but yes, I wud prefer an educated politician like him than a sibu soren any day!

  2. delhizen permalink
    June 1, 2010 5:14 pm

    Wrong words that were made to look works thanks to are over active yet ‘usless’ in many ways media.

    After Sania sizzled the front page, he made an impact which was bigger.

    BTW did you share this gyan with Mr. Tharoor. If not then you must it will help in planing his 2nd innings..

    PS: ppl like Mr. Tharoor forget one thing- at times tweeting/talking too much leads to a fall

    • June 1, 2010 5:22 pm

      Hmm..if only Mr Tharoor would have read this article. Thats what the problem is, as you become big in life, your freedom is constrained proportionately. Whole point is a good leader was lost due to the episode.

  3. Peyush permalink
    April 21, 2010 3:11 pm

    This was nicely written and undoubtedly, your writing skills are getting superber(if any such term exists) every day. However, I’ve some issues with content; wasn’t your viewpoint again very extreme- just like the action taken by government? Shashi Tharoor is no saint, and all you have to do to appreciate this point is google it out. He has been charged of corruption in UN, as well; which was the major reason why our PM was advised not to support his candiature. And, he continued the same thing here as well.
    One more thing, regarding education, well being educated/intellectual makes you carry extra responsibility to come out clean of current era’s dirty politics; but he didn’t live up to such expectations (I was very much disappointed, as I had a lot of expectations of him).
    But again, whatever has happened to him is far extreme; compare it to A Raja or anybody else…. And of course he is still far lesser corrupt than Pawars and Lalits of this world!!

    • April 21, 2010 3:44 pm

      Thanks peyush for the appreciation. I am not saying Shahsi Tharoor is a saint, i did mention that he did the embezzlement in the Kochi team case. the bigger picture i wanted to show was how a well eductaed, well respected person can’t survive in politics unless he falls to sycophancy, indulge in corruption and share the loot. also i wanted to point out that everyone jumped on (including Congress) on Tharoor bcoz he was a soft target, with no major support in congress itself. D Raja is sitting pretty bcoz he comes from a alliance party supporting congress and acting against him, might imbalance the government. All said, Tharoor even if he commited a crime, it was petty as compared to the norm and still i wud give it to him, that he could have been a good leader if given proper job and position.

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