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Phoonk 2 Movie Review- The Hollow Blow

April 18, 2010

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I consider Horror movie making to be a very difficult art, in the same league as  making comedy movies.  Audience has been subjected to a deluge of horror movies  and serials, and it needs a really premium and novel effort to give the audience a hair  rising and spooky experience. Ram Gopal Verma has been able to deliver that  experience in the form of movies like Raat,Bhoot and has failed in the movies Darna  Mana hai, Darna Zaroori hai and Agyat. So inspite of the failures, RGV was expected  to come good with Phoonk II as Phoonk I was a success at box office.

With Phoonk II, RGV abjures the director’s hat and instead produes the movie and  gave the reign of direction to Milind Gadagkar. RGV proclaimed Phoonk II to be  much scarier than its prequel and he again came back with 5 lacs prize for anyone  who can endure the movie alone. I realized after watching the movie why nobody  could ENDURE the movie.

The story of Phoonk II progresses from Phoonk I, when Rajiv (Sudeep) gets a new  construction project and moves to a secluded place with his family: wife Aarti  (Amruta Khanvilkar), Kids Raksha (Ahsaas Channa) and Rohan (Rishabh Jain) and maid Lakshmi (Anu Ansari). Rajiv’s sister Arushi (Neeru Bajwa) and Ronnie (Amit Sadh) are scheduled to join them for holiday the next day. Little did Rajiv and his family fathomed that they will be haunted by the ghost of Madhu (Ashwini Kalsekar), who was killed by the tantric in Phoonk I (for doing black magic on Raksha).Raksha and her brother wanders into the forest behind their house, where Raksha founds a doll and she brings it home and thus starts the series of murders by the ghost of Madhu.

RGV Falters Again

This movie is plagued by mediocrity and plethora of errors. The script has nothing new to offer – it is the same old wine and even the bottle is pretty ordinary. The screenplay is never able to catch the flow and the plot is struggling to gather some sense. Director Milind Gadagkar tries to ape RGV’s style of film making and sadly loses his own identity as well, if there was any. The Camera positioning and Angles are straight away picked from RGV’s book and if you don’t know the director of the movie, 9 out of 10 times you might name RGV as the director.  Sometimes the camera is wandering aimlessly in the house and the background score is trying to create suspense out of nothing, you feel as if the director wants to sell you the house.

Maybe 2 or 3 scenes are successful to create that moment of horror like when Raksha sees the ghost first time in dream or when the ghost’s reflection is shown in blood of the tantric, but then the ghost appearances becomes repetitive and clichéd and the director fails to engage the audience. The script is the weakest point of the movie and it seems that in an effort to make the movie scary, the script has been compromised and ignored. Also some scenes are too violent and gory and may give you that yucky feeling in the stomach. Director has forgotten that ‘What scares you the most is what you cannot see’, so when you watch the ghost in every scene, it doesn’t scare you anymore. The Climax of the movie make you wonder whether the director has forgotten the plot of the movie; it is sudden and never feels to be the logical end.

The background Score of the movie is the same as in all RGV movies: Loud, crash, seems to be trying too much to generate horror and repetitive. The Arushi character appears to be patch fitted in the movie to give some skin appeal and was really a lame attempt.

Phoonk II fails to deliver in all departments, RGV continues to experiment in his Factory and audience is at the receiving end of extremely bad cinema. It is high time for RGV to realize that line between creativity and craziness is very thin and with his past few movies, he seems to be stepping into the crazy zone. And if continued like this, he may not find any audience for his movies anymore.

I give 1.5/5 for Phoonk II.

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