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Wanted: An Authentic Music Channel

April 6, 2010

When I was in school, maybe in 7th-8th class; Doordarshan was still in vogue (like in no other option kinda way). I used to wait everyday at 5 pm evening, as DD for one hour used to telecast MTV. I don’t know how many of remember of this happening or have watched MTV in that avatar some time, but I really used to love watching MTV because this hour was used to show Chart topper songs of US. It was surely a musical hour dedicated to a cascade of awesome hits. Some of the songs I still remember during those times were ‘scream’ from History MJ, Scatman, some Madonna song, Lou Bega etc. The image that was projected of MTV in that one hour was of a channel dedicated to music, songs and videos.

Then after cable television came to my house, I became an ardent fan of MTV and Channel [V] , as they gave me complete dose of Music along with some awesome shows like MTV select, MTV top 10, [V] countdown etc. These channels used to maintain their identity and used to show the music crazy youth,  spectrum of some really great music around the world.

Then time came when the Album culture started in India, and Companies started publishing Hindi song albums featuring Bollywood singers as well as local talent. With the launch of a company called T-Series, this movement converted into a deluge, with T-Series making music more affordable by introducing cassettes in 20 bucks flat. Sonu Nigam, Rageswari, Baba Sehgal,Shaan were some products of that time. Slowly this revolution touched MTV and Channel V as well, and a major portion of Day time was dedicated to these private album euphoria and English songs were degraded to Night times after 11 PM. As if this was not enough, suddenly Bollywood recognized these movie channels as a marketing medium and there was a deluge of channels showcasing Bollywood music coupled with private albums targeting the Hindi speaking crowd like B4U, ETC, Music India, ZEE Music etc. Even MTV and Channel V weren’t left untouched by this, as Bollywood had all the muscle power in terms of Money and the sacred channels gave into the temptation. Hence, MTV and Channel V were reduced to mere decorative specimen for the hindi music industry.

Now looking back, it still seems tolerable as the channels were still in the field of music and at least at night times they were showing a glimpse of the global music. This hoopla of Private Album and Bolly music went on for a good 8-10 years, with music lovers like me at the receiving end. We were left gazing at other mediums to look for some music, net and radio (world radio) helped in this cause.

But as everything has a life cycle, Private Album’s market started to decline, as another market was on the rise and everybody wanted to cash in on the money train: that market was of the Reality TV . Every channel wanted to jump into the bandwagon right from family channels (or Women Channels), News Channels and what not, everyone wanted to sell and means never mattered as much as the end. So it was the turn of MTV and Channel V to follow suit, and it became endless list of style shows, singer hunts, adventure shows, comedy shows and the music got lost in between. If you land on these music channels today, you will never ever land on a hit English number, although you may get movie trailers, chat shows, VJs (psychopaths)chit chattering , reality shows like Roadies etc.

I don’t know what is the identity that MTV and Channel V want to project? I think they have moved away from calling themselves music channels and now they call themselves ‘Youth’ Channels. Roadies and Splitsvilla showcase the low IQ, Dumb, Impatient and crazy youths, and make things as spicy as possible. What they are selling is Fights, Politics, Swearing and Sex, but they have forgotten that, this drama is abound on every other channel on TV, What is missing is Music . VH1 is one exception, as it still in essence a music channel. But the connection we had with MTV and Channel V is not reproducible with VH1.

If you see the websites of these channels you will be flabbergasted to see that MUSIC does not find any mention. Have a look at the homepage of MTV and Channel V websites. They are marketing all reality shows and style shows, but no mention of music anywhere. MTV has one tab called Music, but see yourself, what’s inside that. Channel V doesn’t have that named tab at all.

MTV Home Page

Music On MTV 😉

No Sign On Music on Channel V website !!

After MTV and Channel V moving away from the music genre in Indian Channel space, there is a real void for a genuine and authentic music channel to fill up this cavity. Although nothing would be better if MTV and Channel V come back to their senses. If any enterprising guy want to fill up this space, do contact me 😉

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