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Who Am I?

March 29, 2010

Believe me, I find this part the hardest, right from school days to college days to CAT interviews to Job interviews: Tell me something about yourself? About myself, what all constitutes ‘myself’ – My education, my Gene pool (parents), My Whereabouts (hometown); but all this sounds so clichéd. Actually I never quite gazed what I should I tell if somebody asks me – Tell me about you?

So let’s try something different – I am a Small town guy (from Bhopal ), carefree to the core, underwent Education due to parental and societal pressures (but did it well), did BTECH Computers (Parent’s wish), did MBA ( for the materialistic me) and now working in a big IT firm (again not my inner person’s first choice, but again materialistic me triumphed). Life is rushing by and I still think I am not doing what I am intended to do, but till I find out what I am supposed to do, I will earn some money.

Some Adjectives that can go with me are straight shooter, lazy, food lover, critic, cricket fanatic, moody, stubborn, friendly, honest etc. etc.  So that’s all I can think of.

Now about the Name of my Blog ‘Verbosity’ basically means Excessive Usage of Words, now do i even have to tell the significance of the name. It represents the bouts of Verbal Diarrhea  that i will subject you people to.

And the tagline ‘I An What I Think’ signifies the character and personality of a person is superset of his thoughts, so ‘I am What I Think’.

Talk to me for more 😉

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